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An insurance initiative that contributes to sustainability

Av Maths Stanser
General Manager QBE Nordics
Supporting innovative partnerships to deliver measurable and meaningful improvements.

With sustainability on the social agenda, it is important that companies think broadly about how they can make a positive impact on the world. QBE launched an impact investment initiative in 2016, Premiums4Good, which does just that. 

Premiums4Good is an initiative through which we invest a portion of customers’ premiums into impact investments with the intention to create positive social and/or environmental outcomes along with attractive risk-adjusted financial returns.  We do this at no extra cost to our customers.

One of the impact investments that QBE has made through Premiums4Good is in the European Investment Bank Climate Awareness Bond. This bond has in turn helped finance a 287-kilometre high-speed rail corridor between Portugal and Spain. The upgrading of the Navalmoral de la Mata-Plasencia-Cáceres-Mérida Badajoz Railway will reduce travelling time through electrification and the extension of the double track.

The initiative was a way to stimulate the recovery after the pandemic years and will facilitate the free movement of goods and people within the EU. It is also in line with the European transport network TEN-T's ambitions to promote decarbonisation.

QBE’s ambition is to grow our impact investments through Premiums4Good to USD 2 billion by 2025 and is on track to reach this, with USD 1.6 billion invested as part of Premiums4Good as of December 2022.

We always endeavour to connect with our customers. Making investments with a social or environmental benefit is an example of how we can jointly contribute.

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Din kontakt

Maths Stanser

Maths Stanser

General Manager, Nordics Region

+46 8 587 514 01